Meet The Sall Team

If there is one thing you may notice about our relationship, both personal and professional - we are an outstanding team! This sense of teamwork and togetherness is one that has helped us achieve many of our goals and is an asset for our clients as we work together to help them achieve theirs. 


Brittany Sall


Brett and I moved to Northern Colorado in 2011 for the obvious reasons: mountains, sunshine, amenities, recreational opportunities and while those features are great, better than all of that, we found our home, our community and a career that we love!

I absolutely love to work with and serve my clients, representing their interests to the fullest. I am so thankful that I get to wake up each day on a mission to help those around me! And now, with the formation of The Sall Team, I could not ask for a better teammate in life or in business and we are thrilled to be able to work together to help our clients!

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Brett Sall


I love Colorado! I may not be a Colorado Native, but I moved here as fast as I could! I am proud of my community and I am grateful that I get to live here everyday. My free time is spent in the great outdoors as much as possible, from camping, backpacking, road-tripping to rock climbing, I love this region and all that we get to enjoy by living here. My other great loves are Brittany, our dog Uncle Gary, Crossfit and coffee. 

Brittany and I have a wonderful and long history of being a team both in life and work. Over the course of the last decade, we have worked together as radio show co-hosts, children’s pastors, restaurant servers and now, The Sall Team… which I believe will be our greatest business endeavor yet!

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Phoebe Sall


On April 1st, 2019, The Sall Team added its tiniest, squishiest, most adorable team member. As the “Curator of Cuteness, Phoebe Christine Sall is responsible for all things “cute” related and she honestly might be a little “too good” at her job.

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Uncle Gary


The Director of Snacks, Uncle Gary (Brett & Britt's dog) is by far the hungriest member of the team and takes the most naps. He can't answer phones or type emails, but he helps out where he can by giving puppy kisses and wagging his tail.

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Kelly & Brett first started working together way-back-when as Baristas at a locally owned coffee shop in Loveland. Kelly & her wife Ashely bought her first home with the help of The Sall Team & she now serves as the team's Graphic Designer... which is why all of our marketing looks so beautiful!

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To see some of her work (and cute pictures of her daughter) click here.


Tenants of The Sall Team

We believe in quality over quantity. Our business model is not designed nor is it our desire to have the largest quantity of transactions but rather to have the absolute best client care in the industry.

We believe in investing in our clients dreams and goals. We put our own money into the best marketing tools available for the sale of a house and never receive a commission, compensation or recooperation of that investment until the sale is complete and the clients are satisfied.

We believe in balance. Our Faith and our Family is our greatest treasure and investment in life.

We believe in building lasting, personal relationships with our clients and being available to them after the deal closes. We desire to be a helpful resource for all things real estate.

We believe that buying a home and investing in real estate are incredible wealth building tools. We believe that when responsibly handled, real estate builds a financial foundation for the future.

We believe in the right to own property and honor that right as a fundamental principle to a healthy society.

We believe in generously giving to others and our community.

We believe that a critical aspect to our job is listening to our clients. We will ask and seek to understand your desires and goals.

We believe that no man achieves anything alone. We respect, support and appreciate our team of vendors who work alongside us.

We believe in love and hard work and that we were created for both. We love what we do and are thankful for the opportunity to work hard everyday. 

History of The Sall Team

We both grew up in rural areas of Nebraska and are so grateful for the many opportunities we were given to develop our entrepreneurial spirits and hard work ethics. As young newlyweds, we moved to Minneapolis, MN to attend North Central University where we would later attain our Bachelor’s Degrees, both of us graduating at the top of our department and both of us selected as senior speakers for our class.

Upon graduation, we moved to Seattle and expanded our family by four paws. Our adorable beagle puppy is aptly named “Uncle Gary” (it is a great story, just ask us sometime). This wonderful dog is a snuggle king, hogs all the covers and absolutely loves adventure!

Even though we enjoyed living in Seattle, we have always been Coloradans at heart! In 2011, the three of us moved to Northern Colorado and that was it, we knew we were home!

The very beginning of The Sall Team started with Brittany becoming licensed in early 2012.

In the years since then, Brittany has grown the business and served hundreds of families throughout Northern Colorado. With this growth and to keep up with the number one goal of having the “Happiest Clients in the World” - reinforcements were needed. Brett was a part of the business from the start (more behind the scenes work) managing the websites, client database systems, marketing and social media campaigns. With Brett as a licensed Realtor, The Sall Team is now able to provide a dual-force of exceptional service, unparalleled marketing and client care!

Outside of the office, you will likely find us spending time in the mountains. From backpacking in the summer to snowshoeing in the winter - the mountains are calling and we will go! We are also very active in our local Crossfit gym where Brett is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.

If there is one thing you may notice about our relationship, both personal and professional - we are an outstanding team! This sense of teamwork and togetherness is one that has helped us achieve many of our goals and is an asset for our clients as we work together to help them achieve theirs.