How? Keep reading to see the value that I offer my clients.


Getting top dollar for your home starts with determining the price. I will assist you with pricing your home based on CMA and statistical information. I will provide you with a value range and let you select the price that best fits your situation and time frame. Ultimately, the pricing decision is yours.

Expert Negotiations

I am trained and certified in the art of negotiations. From creative thinking, to contract language, to crafting the perfect response, this is NOT something a seller should overlook. I believe in win-win negotiations with your interest as my #1 priority.

Professional Video Tour

I hire a professional videographer to shoot a video tour of all my listings - no matter what the listing price! I then use the video for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube marketing to target thousands of additional buyers for your house.


Simply put, homes that are staged sell faster and for more money! I provide professional staging for all of my listings at no cost to the seller!

Social Media Targeted Marketing

I utilize social media to target thousands of additional buyers for your house. In addition to the listing videos, I market open house events, showcase your home's beautiful new photos, and it also provides a great way for you to share the sale of your house with your own social network of friends and family. Visit my Facebook Page for examples.

Professional Photography

I hire a professional photographer for all my listings who specializes in real estate photography to illustrate all of your home's features. When we combine a clean home, a staged home and photos from a professional real estate photographer, it ensures your house will look its very best when we put it on the market.

Professional Aerial or Night Photographer (when applicable)

Sometimes properties show better with aerial and/ or night photography to showcase the home’s exterior landscaping, lot and views. If we determine this would be helpful for your house, I will take care of it at no cost to you.

Professional Measurements

I hire a licensed appraiser to professionally measure your home. The floor plan will be used for marketing and will be available to potential buyers and Realtors®.

The Benefits of Creating a Certified Floor Plan of Your Home:

1. Marketing

  • Visual aid for buyers
  • Brochures/flyers
  • Pictured in MLS
  • Attach to the square footage disclosure and put it in MLS
  • Send to out of town buyers
  • Helps both Buyers and Brokers remember your listing
  • Furniture placement
  • Buyers like to send to family and friends

2. Allows for Better Pricing

  • It is best to know exactly how much or how little square footage you have to sell.
  • Better to find out now than after it is under contract.
  • Builder plans may not be accurate if it wasn’t built to spec.
  • Builder plans may not be accurate if changes were made.
  • County records are inaccurate many times.

3. Reduce Buyer/Seller Discrepancy

  • If an appraisal is done after it goes under contract the square footage will be calculated. If you find out at this point in time that you have advertised too much or too little square footage, someone is going to be unhappy and may try to cancel the contract.

4. Reduce Your Liability

  • Attach to your square footage disclosure and put with the documents in MLS 
l101745th sketch.jpg

Example Floor Plan



I will provide a pre-inspection of your house at no cost to you. By having your home inspected before you sell it, you can save a lot of time in negotiation. The longer a house is on the market, the more likely prospective buyers are to suspect that something is wrong with the property. Remember back to all the times you have looked at properties during a home search? Chances are that whenever you came across a property that had been on the market for a while, the first thought that went through your mind was, “I wonder what is wrong? Why isn’t this property sold?” Don’t let that happen to you! Simply have the inspection done now, then make any necessary repairs to items found in the report before you go under contract. This allows the buyer to see the repairs have already been made.

HOME PROTECTION PLAN (when applicable)

Homes with a home warranty sell 60% faster and for a higher price than homes without a home warranty, according to a study by the National Home Warranty Association.

Depending on the home, sometimes it is a good idea to offer the buyer a home protection plan. If we determine this to be a helpful tool in selling your house, I will set this up at no cost to you.

A Home Protection Plan can provide the buyer up to one year’s coverage on selected items including, but not limited to:

  • Central Heating System┃Central Air Conditioning System┃Interior Plumbing┃Electrical System┃Major Appliances
  • You may also have coverage on certain items while your property is listed for sale, even before you pay for the coverage. 

For Buyers:

  1. Peace of mind.
  2. 14 months of coverage.
  3. Cash-shyness is not as bothersome after closing.
  4. Newly relocated homeowners don’t have to worry about finding the best contractors.

For Sellers:

  1. Complimentary inspection.
  2. Up to 9 months of coverage during listing period.
  3. 8 out of 10 buyers would prefer to buy a home with a warranty than one without. Better negotiating position during inspection/objection period.


    When I List your House, You Will Also Receive The Following From Me & My Team at C3 Real Estate Solutions...

    We will implement tried and true marketing systems to get your property sold. All cost and time associated with the marketing of your home are covered by your real estate professional. Remember, we don’t get paid until your home sells!

    Protection for you

    Pre-Title Commitment. We will order (at our cost) a pre-title commitment to reduce your risk of any title problems at closing.

    Convenient Showings and Access Systems

    Lockbox. We provide a high quality, padded and customized C3 combination lockbox.

    Open House. We will hold open houses at your property to gain more exposure for your home. Open houses will be advertised online, in the local newspapers, and on Facebook.

    Front Desk Showing Assistants. Professional C3 employees are trained to handle your property’s showing requests in a personalized and helpful manner. This will help relieve a lot of stress during the selling process.

    Increased Availability/Open Seven Days a Week. We are committed to making it easy for agents to set-up showings on your home. We are only closed for specific holidays.

    Digital Marketing Systems

    Internet Advertising. Your home will be actively marketed on several nationally recognized web portals, including:,,, and many more. We are experts in maximizing your internet exposure. This truly is one of the MOST important aspects of getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

    Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We will enter your home’s information into the MLS, giving you exposure to thousands of Realtors®.

    Individual Property Website. We will create a website dedicated specifically to your property, which will give all web users pertinent information about your home as well as our contact information for all potential buyers.

    C3 Marketing System. We will enter your home into C3’s marketing/information system.

    Virtual Tour. We will supply a virtual tour of your home that will be available on our MLS system,,, and

    YouTube. We will create a 2-3 minute video showcasing your home with captions.

    QR Code with Mobile Tour. All brochures are printed with individualized QR codes which can be scanned by any mobile device. This will direct potential buyers to the property virtual tour and information page.

    Print Marketing Systems

    Professional Graphic Design Services. We hire a professional Graphic Designer to create every marketing piece for your property - brochures, just listed post cards, window display, newspaper advertising, magazine ads, etc. Your property will always be represented in a truly professional manner.

    Coming Soon Pre-Marketing Campaign. Want to get a jump on the market? We have a proven system to start marketing your home prior to going “live” in the MLS. This can help you find a buyer more quickly and save time.

    4 Page Color Brochure. Our professional graphic designer will create a customized color brochure containing important information about your property. We will place a brochure box on the yard sign and ensure it is filled at all times.

    Counter Display. We will prepare an informational notebook containing most information a buyer will want to know: survey, school information, utilities, homeowners association, pre-inspection information, contract, etc. This information will give buyers the confidence to write a contract.

    “Just Listed” Postcards. We will mail at least 200 "Just Listed" postcards targeting our buyers and your neighbors.

    Homes & Land Magazine. We will place a full-color ad in the award-winning Homes & Land Magazine of Northern Colorado every month. Your home will also be seen on

    Foot Traffic Marketing Systems

    C3 Yard Sign. We will place one of our professional, custom yard signs on your property.

    High Visibility Office Locations. Our offices offer unparalleled high foot traffic and visibility locations. These location were specifically chosen to give your property an advantage over your competition should you list with us.

    Window Display. We feature your home in our store front window where thousands of people stop to see details, photos and property websites.

    Buyer Agent Marketing

    Co-op. We offer 50 percent of the commission to the real estate professional who is working with the buyer(s), writes a contract and closes on your home.

    E-Postcard. We will create an electronic postcard for your property that we send to our entire database of over 500 Realtors.

    Broker Home Tour. Once a month our company tours our listings. We collect the feedback and provide it to you. Getting multiple real estate professional’s advice is extremely helpful.

    Transaction Mananagement Systems

    Skyslope Transaction Management. This cloud based technology allows our team to make sure nothing is missed during your transaction. In addition, all documentation will be safely and securely stored should you ever need to reference them in the future.

    Transaction Management Team. When you hire us, you hire a team of professionals committed to selling your home. Our dedicated staff makes sure every aspect of your transaction is handled promptly and professionally.

    Communication Systems

    Weekly Contact. We will contact you weekly to give you an update on the marketing of your home and answer any questions you may have.

    Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). We will prepare a CMA including information on recently sold, active, and market rejected listings.

    Statistics. We will provide you with a statistical overview of the history of the market to help give you confidence in your pricing decisions.

    Buyer/Realtor Survey. We will survey the Realtors® and their buyers who have seen your home and document their feedback on price, condition, and level of interest.


    My Seller's Resource Guide

    I would love the opportunity to meet with you to show you how I will get you top dollar and best terms for your house. Contact me to set it up!